The Future is Now…

The first modern road signs erected in the late 1870s. Since 1945 most signs have been made from sheet aluminum with adhesive plastic coatings.

At TNSense we make Road Signs with Microprocessors, Radars, LEDs, Flash Memory, and Sensors. This is how a traffic sign must be made in the 21st Century!

Radar-activated Strobe Lights Kit for SLEED LIMIT ( MUTCD R2-1)  signs
LR-15L is an effective traffic calming measure designed to make your Speed Limit sign noticeable when it is required. It is ideal for:

  • Traffic Calming at residential streets;
  • Speed Limit awareness at School Zones;
  • Construction Zones Speed Limit awareness system (Orange LEDs);
  • Public notification of a speeding event at Industrial Campuses.
WR-15 Radar-activated Warning Lights Kits for WRONG WAY ( MUTCD R5-1) signs. 

Traffic accidents caused by wrong way drivers are usually the most severe and lead to grave consequences. The WR-15 warning system is designed to help avoid most horrible head-on collisions typically caused by confused and distracted drivers often under influence.

Pedestrian-Activated Wireless RRFB System XGuard-15

A smart microprocessor-based device which is wired to controls a rectangular shaped, high-intensity amber or white LED strobe lights. There are 10 flash patterns and 5 strobe speed settings available and can be easily configured via the onboard interface. This allows for 50 different strobe’s modes, including a wig-wag, rapid flickering patterns. The strobe lights can be activated by pedestrian with a standard dry-contact push button, Infrared (PIR) movement sensor and presence of a Bluetooth tag attached to person (e.g. school bag, stroller, smartphone etc.)

DTS-300 Doppler Traffic Study Module

Dopler-Radar module with Li-Ion batteries + AC charger, for speed and traffic volume data collection purposes. We provide the most detailed statistic among all doppler-radar devices available on the market, which includes:

  • Individual records with Realtime Clock timestamp.
  • An average, Minimal and Maximal Speed of each vehicle.
  • Vehicle size via Radar Crossection (RSSI) value.
  • Time Interval Speed-bins.

Smart Traffic Calming Solutions which Make Sense

We combined years of experience in Traffic Calming, Embedded Electronics and  Internet of Things to build Smart Solutions which also useful and convenient for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Most importantly, our products designed to keep everybody safe and can help to save lives.

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