LR-15 vs radar feedback sign

When you should choose TNSense’s Radar-Activated Speed Limit Reminder over a Radar Feedback sign?

Wide road with dense traffic pattern

Typically, a radar feedback sign is not capable of making a difference between multiple vehicles traveling close to one another. In this case the idea of feedback does not really work. A sign will not be able either to react to changing speed, or will constantly switch between “targets” which could result in drivers of the vehicles in question being confused by information displayed. The Radar-Activated Speed Limit Reminder helps to eliminate this confusion. It will be activated in cases when at least one vehicle in a group is moving faster than programmed speed threshold, reminding about posted speed limit without displaying the confusing information.

Limited real-estate on a pole

It is a common situation to have multiple signs posted on the same pole: parking restrictions, speed limit, etc. In this case the installation of radar feedback sign could lead to obstructing of display of other important information. Due to the extremely low profile and small footprint, the Radar-Activated Speed Limit Reminder is the best option to be used in this situation. Being almost as effective as a radar feedback sign, the TNSense’s Speed Limit Reminder brings attention to a speed limit sign when it is needed without annoyance and unnecessary light pollution.

Light square or U-channel sign post

Commonly used types of light sign post do not have a capacity of supporting weight of a full-sized radar feedback signs. Required installation of a stronger wooden or steel post may not be an option. In this case an efficient alternative to a radar feedback sign is the TNSense’s Speed Limit Reminder Retrofit kit. Thanks to its extremely light weight and small profile the Speed Limit Reminder can be used almost on any type of pole or support structure.

Need for an effective traffic-calming measures on small budget

The TNSense’s Speed Limit Reminder Retrofit kit is the most affordable non-intrusive traffic calming measure on the market:
  • It costs less than a half of the price of typical radar feedback sign;
  • Taking in account the low cost of installation, the price of the installed system will be a fraction of amount which is typically spent on installed and programmed radar feedback sign;
  • The figure is often below the mandatory competitive bid threshold set by most municipalities.

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