DTS-300 Doppler Traffic Study Module

We combined years of experience in doppler radars, traffic data analyses and embedded electronics to build most feature-rich and affordable device for traffic data collection.

Highlighting low-profile design, fast and easy field setup, nonintrusive vehicle detection technology,  the TDS-300 provides most detailed traffic statistics among all doppler-based devices on the market.

Thanks to the graphical OLED display and four navigation buttons interface allow quick and simple configuration and diagnostics of the unit.

The DTS-300 Doppler Traffic Study Module is capable of collecting traffic data during a virtually unlimited period of time. The statistics include:

  • Individual real-time records with seconds resolution.
  • The Average, Minimal and Maximal speed of each vehicle.
  • Vehicles size / Radar cross section.
  • Speed variation (acceleration/deceleration).
  • Programmable Speed Bins summary.

All information is recorded on removable SD-Card in easy-to-process CSV files compatible with Microsoft Excel. NO additional software required!

Technical Specification

Feature Value


Size of the controller unit 7.87 x 3.93 x 2.75 in; 200 x 100 x 70 mm
Unit weight 2.4 lb. / 1.1 kg

Power requirements

Integral power consumption 0.3 Watt
Batteries Rechargable Li-Po 7.5V, 10500Mah
Recharge options Solar panel / AC Power Supply
Complete darkness autonomy Minimum 7 Days

Radar and Statistics

Radar Type Doppler 24GHz, Single direction
Max. speed measurement error +/- 0.5 mph;  +/- 0.8 km/h
Typical counting error +/- 6% to 8% (on 1000+ samples)
Max. Radar detection range 390 ft. ; 120 m (for mid-size sedan)

Other Parameters

Operating Temperature -30C to +60C

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