Radar-activated Strobe Light Retrofit Kit for Stop Sign regulated intersections


Stop sign belongs to the category of most important road signs, which can’t be ignored. Failure to stop always poses grave danger. However often it is ignored or overlooked by drivers.

SR-15Lis an effective tool to make Stop sign noted by drivers. Thanks to the wireless mesh network all SR-15 devices can communicate with each other making the intersection safe through use of smart algorithms, such as:  

  • Activation of only signs in the direction of approaching vehicles to reduce light pollution and habituation of drivers.
  • Activation of all signs within intersection when vehicle approaching from any direction to notify pedestrians, users of bicycle paths etc.
  • Smart “Collision Avoidance” mode will activate strobe lights only when more than one vehicle is approaching an intersection at the same time, to warn drivers when this is most important.

SR-15 system can be also used at bicycle paths and streets crossings, crossing or merging on Yield signs to warn about approaching traffic etc.

Key System Features

controller_600x600Made for quick and effortless installation, SR-15 does not require any special modification to an existing signs or poles.  It features:

  • Two high intensity strobe lights (red or amber) which can be activated in one of 16 modes (wig-wag, synchronous, strobe, series etc.)
  • Highly customizable configuration of group operating mode permits highest efficiency at any configuration of crossing traffic.
  • Additional 12v@1A output for an optional sound warning device, supplementary red beacon or other external custom devices including cameras.
  • Ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment within programmed limit.
  • Graphical OLED display and three navigation buttons interface allows quick and simple configuration of the unit. No additional software or hardware required.
  • Included Mesh Radio interface allows wireless activation of multiple satellite signs and integration with other Smart Road Infrastructure devices such as School Zone Beacons, Message Boards, Data terminals etc. In addition to this SR-15 is capable to communicate to smart-city systems via optional wireless gateways.

Technical Specification

Feature Value


Size of the controller unit 7.87 x 3.93 x 2.75 in; 200 x 100 x 70 mm
Unit weight 2.4 lb. / 1.1 kg

Power requirements

Integral power consumption 0.3 Watt
Max. power consumption 1.5 Watt
Input voltage range 5 to 15 Volt
Batteries Li-Po 7.5V, 6000mAh; Li-Ion 14V, 6000mAh
Complete darkness autonomy 5 Days

Other Parameters

Operating Temperature -20C to +60C
Max. Radar detection range 390 ft. ; 120 m (for mid-size sedan)
Max. speed measurement error +/- 0.5 mph;  +/- 0.8 km/h


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