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Radar Activated Traffic Sign Awareness Kits

Traffic Sign Retrofit kitSpeed Limit Remainder Kit (LR-15)

LR-15L is an effective traffic calming measure designed to make your Speed Limit sign noticeable when it is required. Ii is ideal for:

  • Traffic Calming at residential streets;
  • Speed Limit awareness at School Zones;
  • Construction Zones Speed Limit awareness system (Orange LEDs);
  • Public notification of a speeding event at Industrial Campuses.

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Radar-activated Strobe Light Retrofit Kit for Stop Sign regulated intersectionsStop Sign Reminder Kit (SR-15)

Stop sign belongs to the category of most important road signs, which can’t be ignored. Failure to stop always poses grave danger. However often it is ignored or overlooked by drivers.

SR-15L is an effective tool to make Stop sign noted by drivers. Thanks to the wireless mesh network all SR-15L devices can communicate with each other making the intersection safe through use of smart algorithms

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Radar activated Wrong Way Warning systemWrong Way Warning Kit (WR-15)

Traffic accidents caused by wrong way drivers are usually the most severe and lead to grave consequences. WR-15L warning system is designed to help avoid most horrible head-on collisions typically caused by confused and distracted drivers often under influence.

The wrong way warning system WR-15L can be installed on any existing sign and tremendously increase its efficiency!

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OEM Radars and ITS Components

OEM Doppler Radar moduleIntegrated Doppler Radar Module (RAD-21)

A rich set of peripherals, flexibility and ease-of-use combined with low power consumption make the RAD-21 module ideal for a wide range of speed measurement and target detection/counting applications typical for Intelligent Transportation Systems and Traffic Calming tasks.

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