Problem – SPEED limit awareness

Speed Limit Signs

Traffic reports consistently identify speeding as a substantial source of accidents. In some cases, drivers are unaware of the speed limit and consistently underestimate their speed. It may be assumed that this is an unintentional violation. The driver missed a speed limit sign or does not remember the last passed sign. In some cases, the driver may not concentrate on the vehicle speed and must be reminded about the violation of the posted speed limit. 

Variable Speed Limit (VSL) and driver’s habituation

In daily life, drivers prefer the same route repeatedly, hence becoming increasingly familiar with this route and tend to reduce their glance duration at traffic signs. Study shows - most drivers had failed to notice the speed limit change (58.3%) and 6.25% still to be unaware that the speed limit changed after passing all consecutive signs.

Modification of Speed Limit

It has been my experience that many motorists either have not noticed the new speed limit signs or are not complying with the new speed limit. Speed surveys highlighted the problem of vehicles traveling at inappropriate speeds and the average speeds reduced by 2 or 3 km/h. The problem can be partially solved by the introduction of repeater signs throughout the area as well as gateway signs at the entry points.

Work Zones

Is posting reduced speed limit in the work zone enough to get drivers slow down voluntarily? According to NCHRP (USA), research 85th percentile speeds in construction zones with reduced speed limit ranged from 6 to 14 mph over the posted limit.  Of those drivers who stated that they knew the new speed limit, 76% identified the speed limit correctly. The limited sight distance in work zones increases the possibility that a driver may be unable to see the temporary speed limit.

Solution - Focus on Speed Limit

LR-15 Radar-Activated Strobes Kit

We’ve combined functionality of a traditional speed display and flashing LED speed limit sign to create an effective tool that brings driver attention to the posted speed limit when it is needed. Our LR-15 radar strobes kit includes compact and power-efficient doppler radar attached to a pair of high-brightness LED rectangular beacons and Lithium-Ion batteries with an advanced charging controller. The Radar is configured to activate flashing beacons when the measured vehicle speed exceeds the preprogrammed threshold. This brings driver attention to the speed limit sign and serves as a warning about speed violation. LR-15 remains almost invisible while speed limit violations are not detected reducing driver’s habituation to the reminder.

Efficiency study

In 2017-2018 we made various studies of the efficiency of our LR-15 kit. This includes various locations, white and amber strobes, and blinking modes, etc. Here is a typical result of before and after comparison based on over 40,000 samples collected during two sessions 5 weekdays each:

  • Over 30% of drivers responded to strobes and slowed down.
  • The number of high speeding accidents (10 km/h over speed limit) was reduced by more than 40%.
  • The average speed was reduced by more than 6 km/h.
  • 85th percentile speed dropped by more than 10%.
  •  High-accuracy Doppler radar measures the precise speed of each vehicle and capable to track multiple vehicles moving in both directions at the same time.
  • Virtually unlimited data storage on a removable Micro SD card allows continuous recording of 10+ years of detailed traffic statics (including individual records for each vehicle). All information is recorded in MS Excel compatible files (CSV).
  • Onboard graphics OLED display and keyboard allows to set all important parameters of the system and verify proper positioning and functioning of the radar. No software required to set up the system or collect traffic data from the device.
  • Integrated MPPT charger and advanced power management system ensures long autonomy and quick batteries recharging.
  •  Thanks to compact and the lightweight design the device can be installed on any type of existing sign pole, including U-channel and Telespar posts. Typically, it is powered with a small 20-Watt solar panel. It can be installed in minutes, and no bucket truck required.
  • The included wireless interface can be activated to trigger remote satellite strobes or beacons.



Speed Limit signs

The most common application of the Radar-Activated Strobes Kit. It helps to bring the attention of speed violators to the posted speed limit. At the same time, it does not create an additional distraction to drivers who obey the rules and does not cause unnecessary light pollution.

Work Zones

Temporary Speed Limit Signs at work zones, often ignored by drivers, but they are even more important than the usual Speed Limit signs. The Radar-Activated Strobes Kit can help to make an orange Speed Limit sign hard to miss.

The system can be entirely battery-powered, without even the need for solar panels. The battery can last for 3-4 days and can be recharged overnight.

School Zones and VSL

LR-15 is a perfect school zone speeding warning beacon when programmed with a schedule to be active during arrival and dismissal periods. The schedule with an unlimited number of records is stored on SD-Card as a simple file, and therefore can be easily copied and updated in all units, without a need to connect a computer or a smartphone

Radar-reinforced “Slow Down” Message

This is one of the most affordable, non-intrusive traffic calming devices. The Radar-Activated Strobes system can be as effective, as usual, radar speed display and can be easily installed on any type of a signpost and in any road environment: wide city street, small residential road, industrial site, etc.

Industrial Campuses, Ports, Airports, Railroad Yards

Internal traffic within industrial zones can be as dangerous as traffic on a busy city street. The Radar-Activated Strobes can notify speeding drivers about the need to reduce speed and at the same time warn pedestrians and workers about the dangerously approaching vehicle.  The auxiliary output can be used to connect an alert siren or even a security camera to trigger an alarm and record the event.

Wrong-Way Sign

Traffic accidents caused by wrong-way drivers are usually the most severe and lead to grave consequences. The Radar-Activated Strobes Kit will help to avoid most horrible head-on collisions typically caused by confused and distracted drivers often under influence. White or Amber strobes bar can be used, depending on the type of sign face installed

Not only on the road

Radar-Activated Strobes can be used everywhere when there is a need to bring attention to speed:

  • On Water: Marinas, Channels, Locks;
  • Security applications: perimeters, chokepoints, customs;
  • On the back of a vehicle for mobile crews safety; 
  • Vehicle alarm for pedestrian malls.