RSD-300AT Universal Doppler Radar Sensor with Data Collection


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RSD-300AT is a revolutionary Integrated OEM Doppler Radar Sensor module designed to provide Smart Cities, Traffic and Industrial safety Engineers, Traffic Signs manufacturers, and Integrators of Traffic Signalization Systems with a powerful and convenient tool to achieve a new level of functionality and interactivity.

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RSD-300AT detects vehicles (typically speeding vehicles). It activates a warning system, including a pair of beacons/strobes (various flashing patterns available) and one auxiliary device (e.g., security panels, audible alert, light, etc.), each with an individual threshold. Various flexible thresholds can be programmed using schedules and calendar functions.


  • Radar Activated Smart traffic signs such as “Slow Down” boards and LED Cautioning Signs.
  • Over Speed Limit Warning Beacons and strobe lights.
  • Stop Signs and Crossing Traffic Warnings for intersections and industrial zones.
  • Wrong-Way and Blind Curves warning system.
  • Traffic Lights Synchronization, Traffic Speed Loggers, and Vehicles Counters.
  • Perimeter Security Systems.
  • Intelligent Street Light System.


  • Highly optimized Doppler signal processing algorithms for quick and accurate speed measurements.
  • A high-end, programmable multi-level signal amplifier allowing detection of inbound and outbound vehicles at distances up to 500 meters.
  • Onboard configuration and diagnostics with a Graphic OLED display and 4-button navigation.
  • FTDI USB and TTL UART interfaces for interaction with high-level controllers or computers.
  • An extension slot for wireless communication modules such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Lo-Ra, and wired RS-232, RS-485, CAN, etc.
  • Real-time clock and calendar with an independent backup battery for scheduled applications.

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