SERVAL-6M Single-position microwave security sensor

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Designed for effective extrusion detection the single-position microwave sensor covers the area of 70 m2 (753 ft2). The alarm signal is triggered (normally closed loop) when a person's movement is detected.

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Ideal for indoor and semi-outdoor installations. The sensor can be used in an area with active air circulations (storages, warehouses hangars, etc.) and can be masked by radio-transparent materials such as plastics, plywood, gypsum, etc.

The Doppler effect microwave detection algorithm guarantees equal movement sensitivity within the whole volume of the covered zone.


  • Ideal balance between functionality and affordability.
  • Improved noise immunity thanks to the state-of-art linear frequency-modulated scanning signal.
  • Convenient sensor’s sensitivity adjustment.
  • Built-in power supply monitoring.
  • Internal tampering attempts detection sensor.
  • Compact form-factor.

Designed for real-life conditions

  • Not sensitive to movements of single small animals.
  • Built-in electromagnetic noise protection including high-voltage power lines and flashes of lightning.
  • The sensor ignores sitting or standing person making short movements within +/- 0.2 m (1 ft.)
  • Wide range of supported power supply voltages.
  • Protected against interference with other microwave sensors.
  • Electrically protected signal and power lines.



Operating frequency

24.15±0.1 GHz

Detectable speed range

0.1 m/s to 10 m/s (0.36 km/h to 36 km/h)

Maximal detection zone length

12 m (40 ft)

Minimal detection zone length

2 m (6.56 ft)

Detection zone width

4 m (13 ft)

Detection zone height

4 m (13 ft)

Power supply range

10 V to 30 V

Nominal Current (at 12V)

Not more than 70 mA

Maximum power consumption

1 Watt

Maximum Power-up time

30 sec

Maximum Stand-by wake-up time

10 sec

Dry contact output signal length (minimum)

2 sec

Enclosure protection level


Package weight

0,45 kg (1 lb.)

Dimensions of the transmitter module

105 mm x 65 mm x 45 mm (4.13”x2.56”x1.77”)

Operation temperature range (Arctic versions available)

-40°С to +65°С (-40°F to +150°F)

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