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Looking for an affordable and comprehensive solution for your traffic data collection needs? Our DTS-300 Traffic Study Module Full Kit with Heavy-Duty Carry Case, is the perfect option for you!

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With autonomous one-week traffic individual vehicle speed recording and vehicle counting, the DTS-300 provides a reliable data collection and analysis solution. Its lightweight and low-profile design makes installation quick and easy, while the heavy-duty carry case ensures your equipment stays protected and ready for transport.
Whether you're looking to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, or optimize transportation planning, the DTS-300 Traffic Study Module is the perfect solution. 

The DTS-300 Doppler Traffic Study Module can collect a single-directional and bi-directional vehicle count and speed during a virtually unlimited period. The radar measures the speed of each visible "target" approximately ten times per second. The information about the target includes the collection of all speed measurements when the target is visible and the amount of reflected radar energy called RSSI (Reflected Signal Strength Indicator). The RSSI depends on the distance to the target and its shape and can be used to estimate the size of the vehicle. The statistics include:

  • Individual real-time records with seconds resolution;
  • The Average, Minimal, and Maximal speed of each vehicle;
  • Vehicle size / Radar cross section (maximal RSSI value);
  • Speed variation (acceleration/deceleration);
  • Speed Bins summary (configurable periods and bin width);
  • Power supply voltage (configurable periods).

All information is recorded on a removable SD Card in easy-to-process CSV files compatible with Microsoft Excel.
Typical speed measurement accuracy is +/- 0.8 km/h (0.5 mph). The identification accuracy of individual "targets" may vary depending on traffic patterns and specifics of location. Under normal conditions, the identification error does not exceed +/- 8% of daily volume. For example, for a 3,000-vehicle daily volume street, the radar can count from 2,760 to 3,240 targets. The error can be bigger or smaller for a shorter period of time.

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