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FineFlow-S120 (Solar)


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Our revolutionary FineFlow-S120 Radar Speed Display Sign is the lightest and most compact sign available on the market. Enjoy the flexibility of customizable configurations, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs. Experience the power of the most detailed bi-directional traffic data collection, providing comprehensive insights.

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Typical Applications:

  •   School Zones: Radar Speed Displays remind drivers to adhere to speed limits, ensuring the safety of children.
  •   Residential Areas: These signs promote safer driving in neighborhoods by raising awareness of speed limits.
  •   Work Zones: Radar Sign enhance safety in construction areas by maintaining appropriate driving speeds.
  •   High-Risk Areas: They increase safety in areas with elevated accident risks, such as curves or intersections.
  •   Speed Transition Zones: Radar Speed Displays help drivers adjust speeds when speed limits change abruptly.
  •   Community Awareness Programs: Radar Speed Displays raise awareness about speeding issues in communities.
  •   Traffic Calming Initiatives: Encourage responsible driving and contribute to traffic calming efforts.
  •   Event Zones: Radar Speed Displays ensure drivers follow temporary speed limits during events.
  •   Speed Management Studies: They collect data on driver speeds for traffic studies and assessment purposes.

Speed Display Features

  • High-intensity LEDs for best visibility increase the distance of reliable visual numbers recognition.
  • Unique "same height" LED layout and italicized font technology guarantee even better digit readability of displayed speed, typically achieved only by larger signs.
  • Triple segment thickness ensures the sign's visibility even in very bright sunshine.
  • Antiglare vinyl mask to avoid the possible sun and headlight reflections.
  • Digital Ambient light sensors for smooth brightness adjustment of the LEDs to guarantee drivers' eye comfort day and nighttime.

Radar Features

  • Full onboard configuration and diagnostics with a Graphic OLED display and 4-button navigation. A laptop is not required!
  • Bi-directional Traffic Data collection includes monthly summary files as well as detailed daily data with individual records for each vehicle that consists of a timestamp,  average, minimal, and maximal speed, acceleration, and size estimation for classification.
  • All data files are recorded in Excel-compatible CSV files and can be easily retrieved on the removable SD Card or downloaded with an optional Bluetooth module.




Sign overall dimensions

23.6” x 25” x 0.5” in; 600mm x 640mm x 12mm

Unit weight

10 lb. / 4.5 kg (Optional Solar Power Pack: 10 lb. / 4.5 kg)


Plastic Composite, Polycarbonate, Vinyl

Faceplate Colors

Yellow, White, Orange


Amber, 30 deg, 101 led per digit


9.4” x 12” / 240mm x 310mm

Enclosure rating

NEMA 4X, IEC529-IP65

Radar Parameters

Radar Type

Doppler Radar (FCC approved / IC registered)

Operating frequency

24.120 GHz - 24.130 GHz, Typical: 24.125 GHz

Antenna beam angle

H24˚, V12˚

Power requirements

Max. power consumption

2.6A / 40 Watt

Input voltage range

12V to 16V

Solar Power Pack/Batteries

Li-Ion Batteries, 14.8V, 17500mAh, 260Wh

Complete darkness autonomy

5 Days

Other Parameters

Operating Temperature

-30C to +60C

Typical radar detection range

390 ft.; 120 m (for midsize sedan)

Max. speed measurement error

+/- 0.5 mph; +/- 0.8 km/h

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