• LR-15L

    Radar-activated Strobe Kit

    for SPEED LIMIT Signs

    an effective Traffic Calming measure designed to make your Speed Limit sign noticeable when it is required.

  • FineFlow-S120 Solar


    Low Profile (0.5" Deep)

    Radar Speed Display

    7-Segments, Same Height Digits.

    Ultra-thin sign technology.

    Most Detailed Traffic Statistics.

    Solar Powered.

    And more...

  • LR15 Work Zone


    Traffic Study Module

    Learn traffic patterns.

    Detect rush hours. 

    Record speed violations.  

    Optimize public transit schedules. 

    And more...

  • Made to make job done! DTS-300 Delux Kit

    DTS-300 DELUX

    Traffic Study Module

    Durable Caring Case.

    3D Mounting Bracket.

    External Data Port.

    Free Data Processing Software.

    And more...

  • High-quality 2S4P custom battery pack made of 8 pcs Li-Ion icr18650 battery cells. Our batteries packs built with high-quality BMS modules that guarantee extended life-cycles.

  • Replacement Doppler Radar PCB. Designed to provide Traffic Signs Manufacturers and Integrators of Traffic Signalization Systems with a powerful and convenient tool to achieve a new level of functionality and Interactivity.

  • RSD-300AT is a revolutionary Integrated OEM Doppler Radar Sensor module designed to provide Smart Cities, Traffic and Industrial safety Engineers, Traffic Signs manufacturers, and Integrators of Traffic Signalization Systems with a powerful and convenient tool to achieve a new level of functionality and interactivity.

  • Dopler-Radar module with Li-Ion batteries + AC charger, for speed and traffic volume data collection purposes. We provide the most detailed statistic among all doppler-radar devices available on the market.

  • 20W high-efficiency s36 cells Solar Panel is versatile and easy to install, making them readily adaptable to a wide variety of or products.

  • FineLimit-M125 is our advanced Electronic Variable Speed Limit Sign (VSLS), transforming school zone safety. This solution allows scheduled speed limit adjustments, featuring a full matrix LED display for dynamic or static digits, messages and pictograms aligned with school schedules.

  • Introducing our latest innovation, the FineFlow-M125 Radar Speed Display Sign, a true game-changer in traffic management technology. As the lightest and most compact Color LED Full-Matrix sign available in the market, it delivers exceptional performance without compromising on aesthetics. 

  • True 12-inches Digital kit allows you to make your own Radar Speed Display in no time at all. The kit requires only a simple sign enclosure and a common12 Volt power supply, typically solar a solar panel with a battery.

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