RSD-300AT Universal Doppler Radar Sensor with Data Collection


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RSD-300AT is a revolutionary Integrated OEM Doppler Radar Sensor module designed to provide Smart Cities, Traffic and Industrial safety Engineers, Traffic Signs manufacturers, and Integrators of Traffic Signalization Systems with a powerful and convenient tool to achieve a new level of functionality and interactivity.

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RSD-300AT detects vehicles (typically speeding vehicles) and activate a warning system which can include a pair of beacons/strobes (various flashing patterns available) and one auxiliary device (e.g.: security panels, audible alert, light, etc.) each with an individual threshold. Various flexible thresholds can be programmed using schedules and calendars function.


  • Radar Activated Smart traffic signs such as “Slow Down” boards and LED Cautioning Signs.
  • Over Speed Limit Warning Beacons and strobe lights.
  • Stop Signs and Crossing Traffic Warning for intersections and industrial zones.
  • Wrong-Way and Blind Curves warning system.
  • Traffic Lights Synchronization, Traffic Speed Loggers, and Vehicles Counters.
  • Perimeter Security Systems.
  • Intelligent Street Light System.


  • Highly optimized Doppler signal processing algorithms for quick and accurate speed measurements.
  • A high-end, programmable multi-level signal amplifier allowing detection of inbound and outbound vehicles at distance up to 500 meters.
  • Onboard configuration and diagnostics with Graphic OLED display and 4-buttons navigation.
  • FTDI USB and TTL UART interfaces for interaction with high-level controller or computers.
  • An extension slot for wireless communication modules such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Lo-Ra, as well as wired RS-232, RS-485, CAN etc.
  • Real-Time clock and calendar with an independent backup battery for scheduled applications.

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