FMS-300CB 7-Segments 12” Speed Display Kit


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True 12-inches Digital kit allows you to make your own Radar Speed Display in no time at all. The kit requires only a simple sign enclosure and a common12 Volt power supply, typically solar a solar panel with a battery.

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We did all the heavy lifting for you. With our kit, you can make your own classic Speed Display Sign according to your requirements and specifications fast and easy.

The 12-inches Radar Speed Display Kit includes a microprocessor-controlled Doppler Radar with highly optimized signal processing algorithms for quick and accurate speed measurements and super-slim flexible two-digits 7-segments display board digitally linked to the radar.

Our unique speed display board is designed to ensure the same heights of all digits, unlike most of the competitors with digits "1", "4" and "7" shorter than other.

What do you need to make a complete product?

What we provide:

What you provide:

  • Doppler Radar
  • Two 12” Digits 7-Segments board           
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Customized Software and API
  • Statistical Analysis Tool
  • Outdoor sign enclosure
  • Optional: AC-DC power supply       
  • Optional: Battery with charger
  • Optional: Solar Panel

Display Features

  • True-heights technology to ensure the same 12” heights for all digits.
  • Embedded dual-channel 16-bit ambient light sensor allows smooth 255-steps brightness adjustment for power efficiency.
  • Simple integration thanks to two-wires digital interface between the radar and the display board.
  • Optional high-brightness white LED strobe and display flashing can be activated to draw the er’s attention.
  • Bright (3550 ... 9000 lx), 30° beam Amber LEDs for optimal visibility.

Radar Features

  • Programmable multi-level signal amplifier allowing detection of inbound and outbound vehicles at distance up to 500 meters.
  • Onboard configuration and diagnostics with Graphic OLED display and 4-buttons navigation.
  • FTDI USB and TTL UART interfaces for interaction with high-level controller or computers.
  • An extension slot for wireless communication modules such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, as well as wired RS-232, RS-485, CAN etc.

Bi-directional Traffic Data collection included

High-accuracy Doppler radar measures the speed of each vehicle and capable to track multiple vehicles moving in both directions at the same time. Virtually unlimited data storage on a removable Micro SD card allows continuous recording of 10+ years of detailed traffic statics. All information is stored in MS Excel compatible files (CSV).

Collected traffic statistic:

  • Individual time-stamped records for each vehicle.
  • Average, Minimal, and Maximal speed of each vehicle.
  • Vehicle size estimation (Maxima RSSI level).
  • Speed variation (acceleration or deceleration).
  • Programmable Speed Bins summary.


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