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FineFlow-M125 (Solar)


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Introducing our latest innovation, the FineFlow-M125 Radar Speed Display Sign, a true game-changer in traffic management technology. As the lightest and most compact Color LED Full-Matrix sign available in the market, it delivers exceptional performance without compromising on aesthetics. 

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Featuring 7-Color LEDs, this sign offers eye-catching visuals and allows for preprogrammed "Smart-Sign" display modes with popular pictograms, all while remaining fully customizable to suit your specific needs. With flexible configuration options, the FineFlow-M125 caters to a diverse range of applications. Harness the power of its most advanced features, including detailed bi-directional traffic data collection, high-intensity white or amber strobe lights (or a pair of strobes to simulate a speed camera effect), adjustable radar pointing, and much more. Elevate your traffic management capabilities with the FineFlow-M125, setting a new standard in performance and versatility.

Speed Display Features

  • 12.5-inch (22.5-inch diagonal) seven-color LED matrix display ensures maximal efficiency in conveying speed information to drivers, effectively capturing their attention.
  • Speed display ranging from 5 km/h (mph) to 199 km/h (mph) with customizable Green/Yellow/Red color ranges, allowing for optional color messages or pictograms.
  • Built-in Message, Smiley, and Likes mode, enables simple customization of the display, tailoring it to the preferred mode at any specific location.
  • Digital Ambient light sensors for smooth brightness adjustment of the LEDs to guarantee drivers' eye comfort day and nighttime.

Radar Features

  • Full onboard configuration and diagnostics with a Graphic OLED display and 4-button navigation. A laptop is not required!
  • Bi-directional Traffic Data collection includes monthly summary files as well as detailed daily data with individual records for each vehicle that consists of a timestamp,  average, minimal, and maximal speed, acceleration, and size estimation for classification.
  • All data files are recorded in Excel-compatible CSV files and can be easily retrieved on the removable SD Card or downloaded with an optional Bluetooth module.

Typical Applications:

  •   School Zones: Radar Speed Displays remind drivers to adhere to speed limits, ensuring the safety of children.
  •   Residential Areas: These signs promote safer driving in neighborhoods by raising awareness of speed limits.
  •   Work Zones: Radar Sign enhance safety in construction areas by maintaining appropriate driving speeds.
  •   High-Risk Areas: They increase safety in areas with elevated accident risks, such as curves or intersections.
  •   Speed Transition Zones: Radar Speed Displays help drivers adjust speeds when speed limits change abruptly.
  •   Community Awareness Programs: Radar Speed Displays raise awareness about speeding issues in communities.
  •   Traffic Calming Initiatives: Encourage responsible driving and contribute to traffic calming efforts.
  •   Event Zones: Radar Speed Displays ensure drivers follow temporary speed limits during events.
  •   Speed Management Studies: They collect data on driver speeds for traffic studies and assessment purposes.




Sign overall dimensions

22” x 27.5” x 1.5” in; 650mm x 700mm x 38mm

Unit weight

15 lb. / 6.9 kg (Optional Solar Power Pack: 12 lb. / 5.4 kg)


Plastic Composite, Vinyl

Faceplate Colors

Yellow, White, Orange


Seven-Colors (Red, Green, Yellow, Teal, Magenta, White)


Up to 3 digits (199) speed display, four LEDs thick

Enclosure rating

NEMA 4X, IEC529-IP65

Radar Parameters

Radar Type

Doppler Radar (FCC approved / IC registered)

Operating frequency

24.120 GHz - 24.130 GHz, Typical: 24.125 GHz

Antenna beam angle

H24˚, V12˚

Power requirements

Max. power consumption

3.2A / 45 Watt

Input voltage range

12V to 16V

Solar Power Pack/Batteries

Li-Ion Batteries, 14.8V, 17500mAh, 260Wh

Complete darkness autonomy

3 Days

Other Parameters

Operating Temperature

-30C to +60C

Typical radar detection range

390 ft.; 120 m (for midsize sedan)

Max. speed measurement error

+/- 0.5 mph; +/- 0.8 km/h

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