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FineLimit-M125 (120VAC Power)

FL-M125 AC

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FineLimit-M125 is our advanced Electronic Variable Speed Limit Sign (VSLS), transforming school zone safety. This solution allows scheduled speed limit adjustments, featuring a full matrix LED display for dynamic or static digits, messages and pictograms aligned with school schedules.

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FineLimit-M125 excels with an intelligent brightness control system, adapting luminosity to ambient light for optimal visibility day and night. Its lightweight, slim design mirrors a standard Speed Limit Sign, ensuring seamless integration without sacrificing aesthetics.

Combining technical prowess, energy efficiency, and discreet design, FineLimit-M125 is the ultimate choice for dynamic and efficient traffic communication in school zones. Elevate safety with this innovative solution.

FineLimit-M125 introduces an innovative dimension to traffic management by wirelessly integrating with TNSense Smart traffic radars and pedestrian-activated mid-block crosswalks. This advanced connectivity

Free Software Suite Included

  • Professional multilayer matrix graphic editor for Windows.
  • Bluetooth or USB Sign management software for Windows - upload/download images, edit schedules and calendars, modify parameters, switch modes of the signs.
  • Quick mode override for Android smartphones.



Physical Size

Sign Size (Width x Height)

22” (560mm) x 27.5” (700mm)

Composite panel width

0.6” (6mm)

Sign Panel + Display width

1.5” (38 mm)

Maximal sign width

2.5” (65mm)


Plastic Composite, Vinyl

Enclosure rating

NEMA 4X, IEC529-IP65

Unit weight

15 lb. (6.9 kg)

Display Parameters

Display Size (Width x Height)

18.9” (480mm) x 12.5” (320mm)

Display Resolution

48 pixels x 32 pixels

Pixels Pitch

0.4” (10mm)



Viewing angle


Power requirements

Max. power consumption

3.2A / 45 Watt

Typ. power consumption

15 Watt

Input voltage range

12V to 18V

AC Power Supply option

120 VAC, 60Hz

Other Parameters

Operating Temperature

-30C to +60C

Mounting type

Stainless Steel brackets (included)

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