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LR-15 L Solar Radar-Activated Rapid Flashing Beacons


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We’ve combined the functionality of a traditional speed display and flashing LED speed limit sign to create an effective tool that brings driver attention to the posted speed limit when needed.

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The radar is configured to activate flashing beacons when the measured vehicle speed exceeds the preprogrammed threshold to bring driver attention to the speed limit sign. LR-15L remains almost invisible in standby mode, reducing driver’s habituation and light pollution


  • High-accuracy Doppler radar measures the speed of each vehicle and can track multiple cars moving in both directions simultaneously.
  • Unlimited data storage on a removable Micro SD card allows continuous recording of 10+ years of detailed traffic statistics. All information is stored in MS Excel-compatible files (CSV).
  • Onboard graphics OLED display and keyboard allow to set all necessary parameters of the system and verify proper positioning and functioning of the radar.
  • No software is required to set up the system or collect traffic data from the device.
  • Integrated Solar MPPT charger and advanced power management system ensure long-term autonomy.

LR-15L has proven to be an effective traffic-calming tool:

  • Over 30% of drivers responded to strobes and slowed down.
  • The number of severe speeding accidents was reduced by more than 40%.
  • The average speed was reduced by more than 6 km/h.
  • 85th percentile speed dropped by more than 10%.

LR-15L collects inbound and optionally outbound traffic:

  •   Time-stamped records for each target with up to a second resolution.
  •   The Average, Minimal and Maximal speed of each vehicle.
  •   Vehicle size estimation.
  •   Speed variation (acceleration or deceleration).
  •   Programmable Speed Bins summary.

Advantages and Benefits

Wide road with a dense traffic pattern

Typically, a Radar Feedback Sign cannot make a difference between multiple vehicles that are travelling close to one another. The LR-15 can help eliminate the confusion. It will activate if at least one vehicle in a group moves faster than the programmed speed threshold.

Limited real estate on a pole

It happens very often – multiple signposts on the same pole. As a result, there is no space to install a Radar feedback sign without obstructing other important information.  Thanks to its extremely low profile and small footprint, the LR-15 can help in this situation.

Telespar or U-channel signpost

Commonly used light signposts cannot support the weight of full-sized radar feedback signs. At the same time, installing a more robust wooden or steel post may not be an option. In this case, you may consider using LR-15 as an efficient alternative to a Radar Feedback Sign.

Need for effective traffic calming measures on a small budget?

The LR-15 is the most affordable, non-intrusive traffic calming measure on the market. It costs considerably less than a typical radar feedback sign, including the installation cost.

LR-15L will make a SPEED LIMIT sign visible when it is needed!

Speed Limit Signs - Unintentional Violation

Drivers are unaware of the speed limit and consistently underestimate their speed. A person can miss a speed limit sign or may not remember the last passed sign.

Variable Speed Limit (VSL) and driver’s habituation

The study shows that most drivers had failed to notice the speed limit change (58.3%), and 6.25% were still unaware that the speed limit changed after passing all consecutive signs.

Work Zones

Of those drivers who stated they knew the temporary Speed Limit, 76% identified it correctly. The limited sight distance in work zones increases the possibility that a driver may be unable to see the temporary speed limit.


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